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Are you sweating in the HOT summer heat?
Is your Air conditioning not keeping you cold? 
Come on down to Performance Auto Repair and let our ASE certified Mechanic take a look at it. 



Here at Performance Auto Repair, we understand how the air conditioning system in your vehicle works as a unit with all of its components.  Our quotes will include original equipped parts when available and only the very best aftermarket parts made by name brand companies. 

This is to insure you don’t have to keep fixing the same problem over and over again spending your hard earned money on something that could have been done correctly the first time.

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Original equipment or quality aftermarket brand air, fuel, or oil filters are used to insure only the highest quality possible. Call us if you have any questions or special inquiries at (808) 676­-4476 We say yes! When others say no.

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Our team of experts are courteous, professional and are committed to providing high quality services.  

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