One of the most important parts of your vehicle is its braking system. Beware you are putting your life at risk if your brakes are done improperly! This is why, when your vehicle comes in for any repair, Our ASE certified mechanic will inspect them at no charge



Here at Performance Auto Repair, we only use time proven quality parts when it comes to the single most important, life saving feature of your vehicle. We will never just “slap some pads on”. Every component will be inspected, from your brake master cylinder to the brake lines running to your calipers to insure proper brake system operation. All components are cleaned and lubed in ALL of the brake systems sliding areas. This does not make us the fastest shop for brake replacement, but we care to much about our customers to let these small tasks go unaddressed.

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We will go above and beyond the average shop when it comes to servicing your brakes.

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