When we build a performance vehicle we never cut corners. If you are looking for a cheap build, find another shop. However if you are looking for excellent service, quality work, and a car or truck you can be proud of, look no further.



To find a shop in Hawaii that will help you build a performance vehicle is no easy task. If you call one of Hawaii’s top machine shops 9/10 times our name will be brought up! Performance Auto Repair has built some of Hawaii’s most beautiful daily cruisers, and some of Hawaii’s Nastiest nightmares. No shop on the island has a better reputation for attention to detail, then Performance Auto Repair located right here in Waipahu. 

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Many hours can go into just ordering and matching parts correctly. You can rely on Performance Auto Repair to help you in building your dream vehicle. If you already own a performance vehicle and have tried taking it to another shop only to be told “we don’t work on modified vehicles” call us (808) 676­-4476 We say yes! When others say no.

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Our team of experts are courteous, professional and are committed to providing high quality services.  

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