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Has your battery light turned on in your gauge cluster? Are you having a hard time starting your vehicle in the morning or after a long drive?  Performance Auto Repair is ready to quickly diagnosis your problem with our state of the art equipment.



Forget that small volt meter in the garage.  Come down to Performance Auto Repair and have us quickly and accurately pin point your vehicles problem. Our equipment will perform alternator test that is just impossible to do at home.  Load, Battery, and Starter testing are just some of the wide range of tests our equipment can perform.  These test are free! That’s right, it won’t cost you a cent!  We never want to charge you for a starter or alternator that you don’t need. After testing your vehicle, a comprehensive estimate will be made, as well as our availability to install these parts.

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We never use alternators or starters from the “Do it yourself Stores.” Only brand name parts are installed on your vehicle at Performance Auto Repair!  Why do you ask? We don’t like doing the same job twice!

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Our team of experts are courteous, professional and are committed to providing high quality services.  

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