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Does your vehicle have over 60,000 miles?
Are you getting less then optimal gas mileage?  Does your car feel like its not running on all cylinders? Come join the hundreds of satisfied customers that calls Performance Auto Repair their trusted auto repair center.



From spark plug, to fuel filter replacement, we will perform all the necessary maintenance to keep your vehicle on the road for years to come. Just choosing the correct spark plugs to install in your vehicle can be such a burden.  Remember your vehicle manufacture has specific brands and styles of spark plugs that work correctly with your ignition system.  Performance Auto Repair will only install spark plugs in your vehicle that its manufacture calls for.

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Original equipment or quality aftermarket brand air, fuel, or oil filters are used to insure only the highest quality possible. Call us if you have any questions or special inquiries at (808) 676­-4476 We say yes! When others say no.

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Our team of experts are courteous, professional and are committed to providing high quality services.  

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